My Beach Bungalow

My Beach Bungalow

Starting in January 2010, this blog chronicles the transformation of my 1917 Craftsman bungalow and I expect my own transformation as well.  I purchased this house in 1997 with the expectation that I would remodel it slowly over the years.  I planned that this house would be my last house and one where I would grow old in comfort.  Along came the divorce and plans changed.  I began working out of town when my daughter went away to college and the years passed quickly.  I  decided to tear down the old place and build a duplex in its place since that would be the “highest use of the land”.

I have to say that everyone that I shared my plan with begged me not to do it.  Well, I’m back in town now and after some cost calculations and evaluation of my finances and personal skills, I have scrapped the tear down and decided to remodel.  My friends are cheering me on.  I will do this in a series of projects which will be documented on this blog as they go from concept to planning to construction to completion.

One project was completed years ago.  There was a very small room on the second floor with no clear purpose that had been converted (very poorly) to a laundry room.  My mother surmised that the room was originally a nursery.  I liked the idea of a second story laundry room next to the bedrooms but it was very small with a low ceiling and all the plumbing needed to be redone.   I raised the ceiling and kicked out the knee wall to open up the room. I put in a first class pull down attic stairway and added a floor to the attic for storage.    I removed all of the plaster and wooden lath, dry walled and added a ceramic tile floor.  Finally, I added oak cabinets, a deep sink and replaced the all of the plumbing and electrical services.  About 6 years have passed and the laundry room has worked out very well.  It has encouraged me to continue.

There is a lot to contend with.  This house has some old water damage, three generations of electrical and plumbing systems, and some structural issues.  In addition, there have been some poorly done remodeling and repairs.  As I share my journey, I hope others can benefit from my experience through this blog.  As I have begun research on my projects, I am discovering just how unique and wonderful a house I have and I look forward to learning a lot more.  Feel free to share any comments or observations.

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