Laundry Room Project


This project was in 2001.  It took me about 5 weekends to complete and the total cost was about $2000 not counting the new appliances!  It is really nice to have the laundry close to the bedrooms.  No carrying laundry up and down the stairs except for the kitchen towels.  The room was very small with appliances installed so one of my priorities was to get more square footage.  This was acomplished by removing the east wall and putting a knee wall 4′ further into the void.  The appliances fit very well in this new space and the sloping ceiling does not interfere with the use of the appliances at all.

Another goal was to open up the space and provide decent access to the attic.  Previously, the ceiling was very low and the attic access was a 2′ square panel in the ceiling.  I raised the ceiling to the level of the attic floor joists and installed a heavy duty pull down attic ladder.  I also floored a large area in the attic for storage.  I put in a breezeway opening between the stairway and the laundry room.  This allows light from the window in the stairway to come in and gives the sight line an additional 4 feet.  The room feels very open, bright and airy.

Lessons Learned

I made a mistake in the way I ran the water supply to the room. i ran pipes across the attic and down the slope of the ceiling to the knee wall.  One cold winter I had a burst pipe and some minor water damage.  I found a way to route the water from the basement up the wall of the staircase.  This keeps the pipes in the thermal envelope of the house.  Much better!  It was a simple case of not really thinking it through.  Think twice, install once!