Second window is twice as fast!


new windows from inside

new windows from inside

It only took me 3 hours to do the second window and that included filling one side with styrofoam insulation in the sash weight pockets.  I had originally decided to fill the sash weight pockets with poured foam until i found out how expensive it would be.  I decided to use syrofoam beads like you find in beanbag chairs.  I got them from AHH Products.  They sell refill for beanbag chairs.  I picked the virgin beads for their uniformity.  I may try the reground on the second order.

I was able to go faster since I now know how the window is put together and I can be a little less careful and tear out things instead of dissembling them.  For instance, I can cut and pull out the aluminum sash track instead of removing all the tiny little screws.  I also learned the value of preparation.   It is a good idea to cut all the paint that makes the windows stuck BEFORE you staple the plastic on the inside.  Otherwise you have to remove the plastic to do it later.

Getting the very light (watch out for breezes) Styrofoam into the weight pocket was a challenge.  I made a blower from a cardboard box, an old shop vac hose and my air gun.  It actually worked very well so I am building a more durable version.  See the next post for pictures of my invention.

Here are pictures of the second window removal and the prototype insulation blower:

bob cope
January 15th, 2010 18:58

windows in the winter – hmmm

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