Interior Fireplaces – Living Room Resurfaced and new Hearth in Kitchen

IMG_0009 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 With demo completed and luckily my mason contractor between jobs – there was no better time than now  to IMG_3502tackle some fireplace projects.  The first project was  resurfacing the living room fireplace.    Because the hearth was flush with the floor, the front of the fireplace had been blacked over the years with smoke.  The mantel was the original custom 6″  thick concrete including the concrete molding on the bottom (the guy who made the mantel concrete form really knew what he was doing!).   We wanted to ensure that the fireplace would be an incredible focal point for the room.  I had worked with the mason contractor previously and had come to admire their skills and eye in keeping the 1917 period design.  Craftsman houses are a mixture of Asian and Mission influences.  The fireplace, in it’s current condition, was brick with a colonial look.   It just didn’t fit. I will let you be the judge.

For this project, my instructions were simple:

  1. Cover the fireplace brick with stucco.
  2. Whitewash the stucco (leaving intact the mantel which was painted in green).
  3. Raise the fireplace hearth 4”.
  4. Finish the fire box in Blue Stone and the hearth floor with one large piece of stone.
  5. Use a template I had made for the keystone piece.
  6. Embed in the face of the mortar some Virginia Beach seashells I had collected.

IMG_3086 IMG_3087From the time I purchased the house in 1997, I was aware of a chimney that was once used for the kitchen cook stove but it had been covered up behind walls.   After the demo, I was excited to finally see the chimney!   For nine days in June (2015) I had a trip planned to Kansas City to see my new grandbaby.  While I was gone, I let the mason’s expertise and creative juice’s flow with the design of this fireplace.   My only instructions were: Cover fireplace  in stucco and make it look good with blue stone trim.

How do you think it looks?  It is very small and I plan to put a small gas log in it.  It will add warmth and unique beauty to the kitchen.


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