The work has not stopped!

So the holidays are past and it is tax time again.  In the true spirit of procrastination I have decided to catch up on the blog rather than work on my taxes!  I think I left off with the preparation of the front porch for stucco.  In addition to the stucco, I wanted to have a french drain on the side of the porch.  The back of my lot is the high ground and the left side of the house has a concrete dog run which becomes a gutter in a heavy rain.  Around here we are sensitive to the runoff that gets into the nearby (across the street) Lynnhaven inlet.  With a nice 4’x4’x4′ french drain at the end of the dog run, any runoff will go into the french drain and be absorbed by the sand rather than hit the storm drains that feed into the inlet. The pictures below show Marice digging the drain and filling with gravel and landscape material.  Finally covering with some more decorative rock.


Now here is the bit about stuccoing the front porch.  It turned pretty cold which is not good for cement based products.  It’s not so much fun for the masons either.  The solution was a giant tarp making a tent over the entire porch which blocked the wind and allowed a small heater to fight off the cold.  The picts below show the stucco proceeding inside the blue tarp.  Kind of looks like it’s under water.  It also allowed a kool unveiling for the neighbors when the tarp was removed and revealed the finished stucco.  Now we just need to get the blankey blank soffit and facia completed!

Oh yes, it takes some time for the SBC to cure and weather in to a final color.  On the front of the house I plan to use whitewash just as I did on the front dormer to even out the color and make the front really pop.  That will have to wait for warmer weather however.


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