New Powder Room and Hall Closet

Hi – this is Karen again as guest blog editor while Mike continues to slave with the interior remodel.  I’m sure he will re-appear again very soon with some great detailed information.   In the meantime, I’ll update you with just a few details about the new powder room.

The original first floor bathroom is almost completely torn out and is being converted into a master bath using additional space from the old hallway to the kitchen.   A new powder room has been built out located at the front part of the old hallway where the door to the cellar is located.  The challenges with using this area were that this was a small space and that the cellar door would be located inside the powder room.   To overcome theses challenges, we knew that the right fixtures selection would make the difference of being able to squeeze in comfortably.  A tiny, narrow wall-mounted sink was used and we plan to add a narrow wall mounted cabinet for extra counter and storage space.  We like the idea of a wall mounted cabinet since this will give a feel of more space along with the ease of cleaning under the cabinet.


This is view as you walk in from living room into old hallway. Now instead of hallway, there is a bathroom (door on right) and stairs to the right. To the left of the powder room door are home controls. From left to right (hot water heater control, bell to upstairs, Nest Thermostat).

The original closet at the bottom of the stairs outside the new powder room was re-configured with a pocket door.  Also, some of the original closet space that is now behind the new power room will be used for a flush to the backsplash appliance garage in the kitchen (more about that later!).


View on right of power room entrance door. Photo take from stairs.


Powder room before drywall installed showing where toilet will be set. This was originally the hallway from front of house leading to back of house. The door to the cellar is opposite the toilet (not shown).


Powder room after drywall, toilet and sink installed. Small hanging cabinet will be hung to the left of sink for storage.

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