New Ceiling for Kitchen and Living/Dining Room

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Hi blog readers.  This post is being written by Mike’s girlfriend, Karen.  Mike is busy working on the house, and doesn’t need his trusty helper today (me), so I have time to catch up  with the remodel blog.

This post highlights the new ceiling in the kitchen and living room/dining room.   I’m sure Mike will fill in the gaps with another blog entry detailing work completed between tear out and this post!

The first challenge we had to overcome was how we could create a flat ceiling when we were dealing with studs and joist that had sagged and bowed since 1917.   The ceiling was majorly our of level.    Because of this situation, we had to ensure that we found the ceiling’s low point (which would be the new ceilings hight point).  The technique we used was to set up a laser to find the low point as a reference line and then set the level for the ceiling.  Next, we installed a series of blocks and battens  at the new ceiling height to establish something to screw the drywall into.  An advantage was that we had a gap between joist and batten which makes it easier to run electric lines.  Additionally, when we put the drywall up, we put 1/4″ foam board as a sound reducing technique between floors.


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